What is Design?

14.03.2010 - 30.11.2010

What is design
What is design?

Society, history, politics, economics, geography and religion – all produce unique pressures on the design process.

Design is not just about style and inspiration. The collective imagination of a country is conditioned by how it relates to issues as diverse as self-expression, class, landscape, war and ideology.

Through the concept of ‘genius loci’, or ‘talent of the place’, we explore how each country is disposed to certain unique talents. These talents make up the cultural ‘genius’ of the country, and are the result of a confluence of forces, from the physical to the spiritual. ‘What is Design?’ looks at how ten countries: England, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Japan and Brazil, have each interpreted their cultural uniqueness into 20th century industrial design classics and explores the “genius loci” of industrial design in Thailand.

Following the partial re-installation to shift the focus onto the creative strength of each country, “What is Design?” exhibition presents an addition of new design objects that distinctively express Thailand’s cultural identity.

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