Chin Collection a Big Hit at Las Vegas Winter Market

01.02.2012 21:42

Chin Collection designer Chin

Asian Art Imports has been selling reclaimed pieces long before it became as fashionable as it is today.

Wally Stryks and his wife personally source every piece that they buy.

The Stryk's met Chin, creator of the Chin Collection now showing in their permanent showroom at Las Vegas Winter Market, at a tourist market in Thailand. The horses he created, at that time, were much smaller and the Stryks asked the designer if he could create larger pieces. These larger pieces have become extremely popular and are selling very well to people as contemporary art pieces and to horse lovers, as well.

The Owl family, also a part of the Chin Collection, was a big hit at the NYIGF(New York International Gift Fair.)  The pieces are hand made by one individual and are made with recycled wood and teak sawdust mixed with glue.  This popular collection finds it's way into many contemporary homes.

The Las Vegas Market takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States and is open from January 31st until February the 3rd, 2012.  For more information on the Las Vegas Market, visit:

For more information on Asian Art Imports visit:

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