TIFF 2011 Preview: Cultural Handiwork

10.03.2011 23:15


The SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand's mission is to help provide ways and means to farming families all over the country to obtain supplementary income by producing elaborately made handicrafts and at the same time, to publicize the Thai cultural handiwork both locally and internationally.

Known as SACICT, the initiative aims for excellence in the management, production and marketing of Thai handicrafts and also aims to be the main key in the development of the network of co-operation in production and marketing efforts so as to propel Thai arts and crafts products towards local and international recognition.

The role of SACICT is:

1. To organize the contests and sale of local arts and crafts products.

2. To develop and promote local arts and crafts products in terms of quality standards as well as the images and designs of such products and their packaging.

3. To promote and support their marketing activities and the expansion of their local and international markets.

4. To build up the network of support among different industries in terms of production and sale of local arts and crafts products, and to apply modern technology to techniques initiated through local wisdom or blend them together.

5. To develop training plans in terms of production, personnel and marketing management.

6. To provide support to and encourage the observance of the intellectual property rights of all types.

While in town visitng TIFF, why not stop by SACICT to learn more about the unique skills in Thailand and see the latest exhibit? You can also buy retail or wholesale items at teh center. It is well worth the trip!

Bangkok Office
             Tel. 662 507 6964 
             Email. info@sacict.net

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