A Royal Event to Admire

11.05.2011 23:58

Lamont makes donation
Lamont makes donation



Remember the news we published in October celebrating Lamont's 10-year anniversary? Well the next chapter is here, the donation from the on-line auction of ten first edition, pieces of furniture, lighting and jewelry has been made!

Alexander Lamont, Creative Director, recounts the grand event:

The donation from our anniversary auction was formally made to the King of Thailand's Chaipattana Foundation at the Chitralada Palace and was received by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. This was an exciting day for myself and my colleagues. Five of us met up early at Gaysorn and drove across a dark and rainy Bangkok. We passed through the gates of the moated palace and into deep tree-lined alleyways, wet and quiet, looking for the Sala Dusitalai reception hall. Once inside the hall we found it busy with arriving people and organizers in pristine white uniforms. A vintage sports car revolved slowly on a plinth.

We were all lined up carefully by practiced royal staff and finally Her Royal Highness arrived. I explained briefly the history and aims of LAMONT and also how we had established a natural lacquer workshop in Bangkok, aiming to revive one of Thailand's most beautiful materials. This lustrous surface, once loved in Thailand, China and Burma, still revered in Japan, is close to the Princess's heart and last year she organized an international seminar about lacquer technology.

Lamont is one of the many passionate companies in Bangkok striving to maintain the beautiful, time-honored skills of Thailand.

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