Alexander Lamont introduces the Third piece of his Scholar's Collection

22.11.2012 16:10

The Essay Lantern, is the third piece in Alexander Lamont's Scholar's Collection for 2012
Essay Lantern



Alexander Lamont has been hard at work on a very special collection for the past 12 months. This week we are proud to announce the third piece of the Scholars”s Collection, the Essay Lantern.

The Essay Lantern emits naked candlelight through a thick column of rock crystal that has been gilded with 24 karat gold.  The linear maze pattern, on the lantern, has been borrowed from a favorite cabinet piece, by a furniture designer that Mr. Lamont admires and respects, Eugene Printz. The idea of this miniature lantern is to bring distinctive workmanship and detail to a smaller version of a larger lantern.  This glowing light can be used for a dining table or even a side table to warm the atmosphere and create a unique conversation piece.  Rock crystal or crystal de roche, has been the preferred material of the great chandelier and candelabra makers of Europe for centuries, as it emits a unique quality of light through the occluded clarity.   The lanterns top and base are made of bronze, which contributes to the warmth of the design.


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