Ango Shines Brightly at the Light and Building Fair in Frankfurt

24.04.2012 22:09

Ango Light and Building Fair 2012

Ango design, develop and manufacture lighting in Thailand and first designs were launched in 2003.  All of their collections are created by their design team, which is headed by their founder and chief designer, Angus Hutcheson, along with Aon Benjamapa and Pui Chutitanawong.

“Their design inspirations are based on a kind of allegory about nature and technology-a vision of an electric arcadia realized with light.”

Each product created by Ango stands for a world view of how enlightened environmentally responsible 21st century design and production can be.  Ango believes and their wonderfully creative designs are a testament to this, that lighting designs can be fabricated using sustainable human scale production methods to a world class standard.  

One look at the following gallery of their collection of awe inspiring designs from the 2012 Light and Building Fair in Frankfurt, Germany makes me think of their company slogan, “ Be what you seem to be.”  Ango appears to be all that and more.

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