Bua bhat wins Demark Award in the Lifestyle Category for 2012

23.10.2012 21:23

Bua bhat wins a DEmark Award for 2012 in the Lifestyle Category.
Bua bhat

DEmark Award for Bua Bhat in the Lifestyle catergory.


Thai company Bua bhat has won the Demark Award for 2012 for their “Rocky Stream Collection.

The design concept behind the collection came from the idea of getting closer to nature.  Bringing oneself actually into the midst of nature and embracing what nature can bring to your life and home.

By realizing that we are one with nature and on the same flow of the stream as nature we can surround ourselves with plenty of rocks and pebbles and immerse ourselves in the concept.

Bua Bhat creates and markets products that combine attention to detail with the quality control system of a factory but in a labor intensive, cottage industry environment.

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