Thai Designer, Chin, Continues to Create Outstanding Art for Asian Art Imports.

20.07.2012 22:36

Thai Designer Chin introduces new pieces for Asian Art Imports at the Las Vegas Summer Market.
Chin Collection for Asian Art Imports

We first introduced you to Thai artist and designer, Chin, back in January when we previewed his Horse and Owl collections for Asian Art Imports. Asian Art Imports has been selling reclaimed pieces of art and home decor long before it became as fashionable as it is today. Wally and Pat Stryks personally source every piece that they buy.

The Stryk’s met Chin, creator of the Chin Collection, at a tourist market in Thailand. The horses he created, at that time, were much smaller and the Stryks asked the designer if he could create larger pieces.  The rest is history and the Chin Collection continues to grow in popularity with the Stryk’s clients.

For the Las Vegas Summer Market, Chin is introducing more new designs, that once again, we find fascinating and original.  We love the beauty of the hand carved look and feel of the Fish and Cat designs.  Chin has also managed to capture distinct personalities in his carved series of Monkeys, which could work as a group or as a single piece in any contemporary setting.  

The Las Vegas Summer Market runs from July the 30 to August the 3rd, 2012.

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