TIFF 2011 Preview: Human & Green

15.03.2011 14:15

Hand-inlaid mother of pearl

Thai manufacturing is not about mass production, but more about mass customization. There is not a huge factory assembly line at most Thai SMEs, but rather individuals who are proud of their work and pay attention to the details of each product leaving the warehouse. Deesawat is one such company.

MyThaiDesign had the pleasure of visiting the Deesawat factory in Bangkok. On the premises we met many of the workers, donning their Thai smiles, and working diligently on each individual piece of furniture.

Also heartwarming is the notion that there is no waste coming from this factory. Small pieces of wood are stacked according to size for custom projects or designs created specifically to utilize the off cuts from another larger piece. And the tiny pieces are ground down to make incense. Great resource management.

Many companies you will find at TIFF 2011, such as O.K. Wood, have similar practices as Deesawat. When you buy Thai design from them you are buying creations that have had individual attention from a human, not a machine, and as forerunners in green manufacturing, it is a double feel-good factor.

Thai furniture may not be the least expensive on the market, however it is unique and the quality is unbeatable.

We look forward to seeing the latest innovations at TIFF tomorrow, and we hope that you can make it too! If not, have no fear, there will be plenty of show coverage here.

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