Finding Green Piece at TIFF 2011

08.02.2011 16:15


Explore creative diversity in ideas, textures, and materials. The appealing aesthetics of Thai furniture.

Held in March, TIFF 2011 showcases the best of Thailand's green-oriented furniture. Because of the abundance of natural resources in the country, Thailand holds an inherent advantage when it comes to crafting eco-friendly furniture from different types of natural materials. For examples, the 'Para rubber tree', from which the latex is drawn to create natural rubber, or the 'Water hyacinth', an aquatic freshwater plant found in great numbers in Thailand's streams and rivers. Other interesting materials used in Thai furniture making include rattan, various metal alloys, and the vine of the climbing fern, just to name a few.

The ideal place to find the right suppliers to your business.

TIFF 2011 is an annual international furniture event that manufacturers, exporters, designers, parts manufacturers from across the country attend to network and exchange ideas. Do not miss a chance to take advantage of this perfect opportunity. Meet your suppliers face-to-face, explore new designs and seek out new business opportunities and increase the success of your business.

Explore TIFF 2011 - then go on to the rest of Asia.

 TIFF 2011 exhibition dates are intentionally set to coincide with furniture fairs in other Asian countries, It streamlines your itinerary and saves you time and expenses while enabling you to see Asia's unique design philosophy in out outing. See you in March!

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