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27.04.2010 14:00

Thai Young Designers Exhibition
“Thai Young Designers Exhibition”

PADTHAI operates from Milan, the world’s capital of design and fashion.

PADTHAI is a team of Thailand’s emerging creative designers living in Italy. Their purpose is to organize and participate in a wide range of design activities of noteworthy and inspiring value in order to further develop the capability of Thai designers.

The PADTHAI team consists of a great variety of people from diverse fields jewelry designers, product designers, graphic designers, interaction designers, web designers, interior designers, and even a character design professor, marketing guru, and plastic surgeon, all of which are fascinated with art and design.

Here are some of the exhibits we saw during Milan Design Week at the Thai Young Designers Exhibition 2010 at Thana restaurant:

Fashion Design
Kittima Kwangnok, Viporn Thitivongse
A collection of dresses and accessories under the concept of “Apsorn”, a character from Thai mythology using its shapes and forms to present thai hand-made silk in a different and modern way.

Conceptual Interactive Lighting
Ambhika Samsen, Usa Limsithong
Each day we wake up in a different mood, that is why we dress differently and we confront the activities in everyday life differently. The aim of the installation is to propose a way of customizing your lighting decoration in a creative, entertaining way, in order to serve best our feelings in any moment.

Sustainable It Yourself (S.I.Y.)
Video Art
Chakrapipat Asswaboonyalert, Lapas Mekraksavanich, Sornkhom Singthong. Collaboration: Visnu Lohsiriwat
A presentation of a balanced life-style in a sustainable way.

Against The System
Comic Book
Swit Khomapat
An average man’s life is threatened by the rich and powerful. A story led by a Thai taxi driver at day, an underground fighter at night, is wrongly accused of a murder. After breaking out of prison, he joins a special team to clean up the streets of Bangkok from criminals and corruption. Stay tuned for the Karma Messenger!

Death Can Wait, Try Padthai
Comics, Character Design
Rarin Thongma, Swit Khomapat
50 short comical stories about 2 invented characters and their adventures about their favorite food, Padthai, as they will be willing to put their lives on the line just to have a taste of it.

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