Thai Brand, O'thentique introduces it's new collection," Salvaged."

11.11.2012 21:32

The Salvaged Collection from O'thentique is another innovative and hand-made lamp collection that takes inspiration from salvaged boats in Asia.

O'thentique, the Thai Brand whose mother company is Asian Design House, has introduced a new collection of lamps called the "Salvaged Collection."  Inspiration for the collection comes from the salvaged boats of Asia.

The brand has 3 fundamental values which are synonymous with the concept of our products:

  • Use of natural, recyclable and sustainable materials.
  • Innovative and Contemporary design
  • Authentic way of crafting each product into a masterpiece.

All our lamps are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and that’s why we can guarantee that each piece of our lamps will be uniquely different!

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