The Cute Factor Grabs International Attention

26.03.2011 05:53

Log & Squirrel Plant Pot
Log & Squirrel Plant Pot

Available in black, brown, and white, the Log & Squirrel self-watering plant pot from Qualy's 2009 collection continues to turn heads around the globe.

Could it be the cuteness factor?  
You tell us.

Use: Pour water into the log (right-hand side) until the squirrel floats up and shows his face through the tree trunk opening...when you can no longer see the squirrel, it is time to water your plant again! Simple. And fun.

This little fella has been honored with the DEmark and Gmark awards as well as the Thailand Prime Misiter's Export Award to boot!

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Comment by John | 28.03.2011

Very practical but definitively also very cute. It just puts a smile on your face when you look at it. Thanks for sharing!

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