Paphop Wongpanich wins a DEmark Award for Furniture for his "Sim Stool."

24.10.2012 22:34

Paphop Wongpanich takes home a DEmark Award for Thai company, Take Home Design in 2012
Sim Stool

DEmark Award Winner in the Furniture Category Paphop Wongpanich for his "Sim Stool."

Take Home Design is a Thai company who believes that design should be a passion and that happiness comes from sharing that passion with others.

Take Home Design creates furniture with a simple look and yet it has a stylish and sophisticated feel.  The materials that go into their products are the best and the details of each piece are intended to make the consumer enjoy their home-living experience.

The design concept behind the product “Sim Stool” is to demonstrate the mutual match between material and design ideas.  Paphop also wanted to challenge consumers about their general perception of Teak Wood, which is normally perceived as old fashioned in building furniture.  The Sim Stool shows consumers that Teak Wood can also be used to build contemporary furniture and that different materials give more choices to consumers and alternative lifestyles.

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