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19.11.2010 16:15

BIG Toy Design Award 2010
BIG Toy Design Award 2010

This year’s theme for the “BIG Toy Design Award 2010” was “Mix & Match” and dedicated to toys for pre-school children.

The Mix & Match selection showcased toys with mixed materials that could be played with in various ways.

The aims of the project, active since 1999 and supported by the Department of Export Promotion and the division of the Office of Product Value Development, are:

1. To increase the manufacturer’s awareness of the importance of developing goods of higher value as a strategy to compete in the global marketplace.

2. To support designers to create products suitable for industrial production and export.

3. To add to the experience and vision of Thai designers.

4. To publicize the unique works, gaining recognition in the international market.

We know that you are all adults, none-the-less enjoy the kid inside of you while you peruse through this photo selection of BIG toys!

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