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06.08.2012 18:19

Zappaya designs with the environment and sustainability in mind





Inspired by the natural beauty and therapeutic quality of wood as well as their conscience to protect the environment, Zappaya has been created in pursuit of authentically green furniture using recycled, renewable, salvaged timber and discarded wood off-cuts that would otherwise go to waste.  This commitment has become Zappaya’s driving force in developing a unique design concept which employs recycled and harvested wood with highly efficient production processing without compromising quality, look and feel of the product.  The result is aesthetically pleasing and state-of-the-art designs which inflict less damage upon the earth.

Zappaya is a spiritual Thai word from Buddism.  It refers to favorable conditions or objects that are comfortable, suitable, wholesome or beneficial.

The environmental protection plan of this company features a dust control system to provide a clean and safe environment for their employees and the community at large.

The president of the company, Mr. Thanet Utaraphatriyakul, is committed to and has continuously been sponsoring forest plantation of timber such as Acacia and Agar wood in and around the area of their factory.  

Please enjoy the following gallery of Zappaya’s amazing products.

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Comment by Mary | 07.08.2012

What beautiful designs! Fantastic furnitue, and to think the materials are "scraps." Congratulations and thank you for thinking of the planet.

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