Thinkk Studio: Hide and Seek Space Dividers

Thinkk Studio shows their playful side with "Hide and Seek" dividers.
Thinkk Studo



August 24, 2012


Thai designer Ploypan Theerachai of THINKK Studio has come up with these “hide and seek” space dividers based on the notion of play.This project is intended to explore the idea of infusing play as a design method and to inform furniture and product concepts by integrating creativity in the problem solving process.

The dividers are bright and colorful and are made from marble, wood and metal frames that are encased in an upholstered “skin.”  They have the ability to create personal space in public by easily portioning one’s own area.  “Hide and seek” consists of the three elements: ‘tree’, which separates the spatial volume into three sections;‘bush’, which divides the spaces; and ‘nest’,which allows you to have privacy beneath the structure.

Theerachai says of the project,” lately, designs have efficiently answered their functions.  Another new object then needs to attract users among all other perfectly functional objects.  This project is an object that not only blurs the line between function and emotional appeal but also maintains physical performance while addressing emotional needs.”

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